If one can trust what Joe Biden shared about his recent time with the Pope, you would think the two agreed that the most important threat to human life is climate change, and that the matters of abortion, supporting the nuclear family and murder in the streets of America never came up at all. With Biden supporting the lies of the Obama administration and his own long list of mistruths, I can hardly believe anything he says.

In addition, unlike this administration, the Catholic church believes in timeless truths and that the law of God is above human law. In the laws that God gave Noah and his family (and through them the whole human race), all these values come together. In Genesis, God tells this family of all future humans that to Him alone belongs all human life, and that He would hold all humans accountable for the shedding of human blood.

The blood flowing in a human fetus is not animal blood. It is human. So Biden and Nancy Pelosi, beware of what you are supporting. You will be held accountable for the blood of the innocents, whether in the womb, on the streets or at our southern border.


Bel Air, Md.

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