The U.S. is at a monumental crossroads that will most likely determine whether we remain a constitutional republic or become a socialist state. Unfortunately the prevailing winds are pushing us toward the latter.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, just about all forms of government are in alignment in curtailing their citizens’ civil rights. Heads of state are ruling by decree. This process violates one of our most fundamental democratic principles, by which our elected lawmakers legislate the laws that govern our society.

The form of executive action that’s being used by our president, governors, mayors and county executives is neither friend nor stranger to humankind. There was a time when decree was the playbook for monarchs and dictators, and it is sad to see how bad habits can be so quickly emulated.

We now have local politicians bypassing the constitutional legislative process with their decrees, which are disguised as mandates. This state of emergency seems to have no statute of limitations with regard to review, curtailment or termination.

The unvaccinated are now being persecuted by government and society alike. It has reached the point where the unvaccinated aren’t allowed to participate in our society, from employment to every-day activities. If you don’t produce your ‘papers,’ commonly known as the vaccine passport, you can’t join in.

We used to frown upon this practice when it was used by the National Socialists in Germany and the Fascists in Italy. Yet here we are doing it ourselves.


Everett, Wash.

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