Is the human life cycle a continuum with stages that have no clear dividing points? It certainly appears to be. From the moment we’re conceived, the process of development evolves and keeps evolving until interrupted by death. There is a clear mile post from the mother’s perspective when birth occurs. However, for the developing human, birth merely involves moving into a different environment.

How does a moral society assign value to human life inside the womb? Do we assess its significance on the basis of gestational age? Some will say when a heart beats, or when pain can be felt, or when there is viability outside the womb.

There are few life-altering events more traumatic than an unwanted pregnancy, and no solution quicker than abortion. We reach to find something to take some of the legal and moral burdens off our shoulders. Since 1973, that something has been the Supreme Court.

We don’t consider a newborn to have lesser value than an adult by even the faintest degree. There seems to be a natural awareness that life is a continuum — when we can see it.


Bloomington, Ind.

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