When are people going to wise up to the fact that our government has become little more than a criminal money-laundering organization? Billions and billions disappear each year from more programs than any one person could imagine. Is life getting better for Americans?

Not only is our government not fulfilling its most fundamental duty (which is to protect us), it is actively participating in the development of weapons to destroy us.

The so called ‘globalists’ are getting richer and consolidating power while we cower under the threat of a contrived pandemic of their making. Tyrannical politicians use that and climate change as excuses to limit our activities and control every aspect of our lives. Do you think this is going to get any better?

The Founders made a big mistake. The Department of Justice shouldn’t be part of the government; it should be controlled by “We the People.” Government can’t police itself. They’re all crooks.

A government like this is not legitimate by any reasonable standard. Historically, there has only been one way out of this situation. We won’t have many more opportunities to avoid what will eventually erupt into violence if we don’t restore honest elections.



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