If COVID-19 is still rampant among us, why haven’t all those hundreds of thousands of fans crammed elbow-to-elbow in the bleachers at football and baseball games become ill in large numbers?

We hear absolutely nothing about COVID-19-induced mass illness. With nearly half the population refusing to be vaccinated, I would think a similar proportion would be in attendance at these games — yet not one wordhas been uttered by the media about significant illnesses stemming from COVID-19.

This past weekend there were six NFL games attended by hundreds of thousands of people. It will be interesting to see the statistics in two weeks on how many have become ill. I, like many others, probably, bet there will be very few.

This is more proof that Anthony Fauci, the Biden administration and mainstream media are in agreement to defraud the American people so that they can continue to control us.


Williamsburg, Va.

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