Politically motivated personality attacks, ads and other hyper-publicized hot-button issues constantly distract us from confronting our government’s crippling trade and economic policy. Our federal government operates against our domestic manufacturers and allows unfair advantages to foreign “partners.” Where we were once the free world’s arsenal and the richest country on the planet, we are now the largest debtor nation. Today we tolerate shortages of essential items while our adversaries flourish from our patronage and free technology.

As with the American Civil War, polarity today is so confused that ideas for resolving this issue are irrelevant. Which political party you belong to is all that matters, and catch phrases rule. Yet neither Republicans nor Democrats are motivated to fundamentally change this outsourcing system. Only former President Donald Trump publicly addressed this importing policy and began remediating it.

For far too long we have permitted a government instituted by and for the people to send American jobs overseas and rob our citizens of sufficient employment revenue to support our country. In the process we have accrued an overwhelming national debt.

The way we see historical stepping stones, such as Valley Forge, American labor struggles, suffrage, the Great Depression and World War II, may be to blame. The history is real but the Hollywood productions about these events are fantasy, and therein lies the problem. Our exposure to entertainment in almost everything is dulling our perception of reality.

We must never let movies, TV or the internet do our thinking for us.


Orchard Park, NY

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