If American citizens must endure vaccine testing and mandates, masks, social distancing and proof of vaccination in order to safeguard their own health and the health of others before being allowed travel and go to work, school and restaurants, why don’t the hundreds of thousands of foreigners allowed to freely trespass over our southern border have to do so, too?

Despite the numbers the Biden administration gives us, U.S. Border Patrol records show that hundreds of thousands of foreign trespassers have been confronted at our southern border this year and released into America’s interior. Records also show hundreds of thousands more are “known runaways,” and untold thousands are “unknown runaways.” All told, over a million alien nationals from 150 countries have, by this administration’s actions and inaction, been allowed entry into the country and unchecked dispersal into our communities. As Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsisn notes, that’s more than the respective populations of eight states and the District of Columbia.

Whatever their political calculus for doing so, President Biden and Vice President Harris have made a deliberate decision to distribute untested, unvaccinated and unvetted illegal aliens, often in the dead of night, throughout our states in violation of federal immigration laws, health laws and their primary constitutional duty to keep American citizens safe.

Biden and Harris’ high crime in doing so justifies their impeachment, loss of office and the utter disdain of the American people.



Sarasota, Fla.

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