The current administration is essentially laughing at the American people for thinking they elected Joe Biden. And the laughter would be warranted, too, if Biden had really won the election — but he didn’t, so the joke’s on them. Non-existent voters elected Joe.

Think back to cult leaders, like Jim Jones, who went too far and with hundreds of his followers drank poison in a mass suicide. Or to Marshall Applewhite who, with Heaven’s Gate, “graduated into space” with his followers at the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Meteor in 1997. Or to L. Ron Hubbard, now deceased, whose organization is still one of the most successful in existence, with plenty of money and notoriety.

The cult of Biden is no different. If it gains any more traction, America will be a state dictated by central authority and one party — not unlike communist states.

The ironic solution would be to have Jimmy Carter oversee future elections.



Grand Junction, Colo.

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