In the turmoil of the Biden administration, a very important point is being buried and must be raised. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was only partially about the vaccines — even though they are what received all the attention.

The new Merck antiviral pill was in fact part of Warp Speed, as were roughly 250 therapeutic treatment efforts for COVID-19. In February 2021, President Biden shut down Operation Warp Speed, declaring the vaccines “the answer,” and in the process leaving 248 therapeutic programs high and dry. Merck’s effort was the only one brought to patients and only because of their own efforts.

Biden and minions were totally wrong about COVID-19, and more Americans have died since his decision than in the year before he killed Warp Speed. Attention needs to be cast on this epic decision that left Americans with few treatments for COVID-19, because it did not need to be that way.

Pretending he was King Solomon, Biden made a choice — and many people are now paying the price. Biden needs to be asked point-blank why he has refused to reverse his shutdown of Warp Speed and the therapeutics development.


Wayne, Pa.

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