Joe Biden defeated Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination — and then won the presidency by campaigning as a moderate (“‘Nasty side of the aisle’: Biden, Democrats turn blind eye as far-left rages against moderates,” Web, Oct. 5). As I am loathe to impute that Biden campaigned in an intentionally insincere manner, I assume that his assumption of Sanders’ socialist agenda is an honest post-election conversion, as he grappled with tenacious problems of state unforeseen prior to the election.

Too charitable? Perhaps. Either way, the president is now the senior altar boy for the high priest of socialist programs. He is also a passive observer as his party conducts a descending arpeggio of intemperate notes, forcing the few moderate Democratic senators into the same crapulous party policies that half of America rejects.

It will be ironic if Biden is saved by the grace of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who seem sensitive to the high cost of socialist cant. We infidels in the pews can only bless their intercession.



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