The Biden administration promised to bring “trust and transparency” back to the presidency. Albert Einstein said, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” What an important message for today.

Biden shamelessly claims his mega $3.5-trillion reclamation tax-and-spend bill will cost zero dollars. This bill is a Bernie Sanders socialist wish list. It dramatically increases America’s welfare state and entitlements. It also spends billions on green-energy and climate subsidies. This bill will add trillions to our national debt.

Biden called the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success.” He promised he would leave no American behind in Afghanistan, but he did. Thirteen brave American service members paid the ultimate sacrifice for his lack of planning.

Hunter Biden used his father’s political position as vice president to make millions of dollars. Today Hunter the novice artist is raking in thousands of dollars for each of his paintings. If this were one of the Trump kids, could you imagine how the Democrats and biased news media would have covered the story? Biden and his team have repeatedly said our southern border is closed and secure. Everyone in America can see with their own eyes that this is a lie. Over 1.5 million illegal aliens have invaded our country and thousands more are coming in daily. The Biden administration intentionally hides the number that have been allowed to stay in our country.

Do the American people have any confidence in President Biden and his administration to tell us the truth?


Kokomo, Ind.

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