- The Washington Times - Sunday, September 12, 2021

President Biden visited a traditional public school on Friday, the day after he delivered his six-point plan to beat down the coronavirus with his Government Knows Best approach.

For sure, Brookland Middle School parents are as crucial today as they were during Mr. Biden‘s time in the Senate.

Today, though, in the midst of the pandemic parents who still support school choice and family values would readily question whether Mr. Biden‘s presidential predecessors — George W. Bush, Barack Obama and  Donald Trump — would have been as heavy-handed, double daring private businesses and their employees to accept and follow federal mandates regarding masks, coronavirus tests and vaccinations. 

Mr. Biden should have used the words “freedom” and “family” to illustrate his proposals and reach out for support.

But no. While he knows that parents are the adults who shoulder responsibility for school-age kids, White House staff, members of Congress, federal bureaucrats and union leaders Zoomed together to appease the Democrats’ and progressives’ Government Knows Best agenda.

The president staged his day-after bully pulpit at Brookland Middle School in Northeast D.C. to admonish supporters of family values and school choice in general and Republican governors who don’t implement COVID-19 mandates.

Mr. Biden sometimes acts as though the words “family,” “choice” and “freedom” are no longer in his vocabulary.

In fact, in his comments to parents at Brookland Middle School, the president pledged to stand by “all the school officials trying to do the right thing by our children [and] I will always be on your side no matter how much heat you’re getting from the outside.”

Well, if Mr. Biden pledges to keep battling whoever and whatever “school officials” disagree with him, he’s setting the stage for multiple skirmishes with parents, too.

Indeed, the president might as well decree the White House a Democratic House of Cards and grant school unions office space and cots in the Oval Office.

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