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If you’re among the Hollywood elite at the Emmys, you don’t need a face mask. If you’re a simple school student in most of the rest of America, you better have a face mask. Any questions?

This is the tale of two emerging societies in America: those who have to obey coronavirus restrictions and those who don’t. And guess which category you fit.

Cedric the Entertainer, the host for the evening, tried to quiet criticisms before they had a chance to brew — but was largely unsuccessful.

“We had to vaxx [vaccinate] to come here,” he said, during his opening statements.

Well, isn’t that special. But who checked?

Curious Twitter minds wanted to know.

“No Masks at the #Emmys because rules are for the little people,” one social media poster wrote.

“The Only People Wearing Masks At the Emmys Were Servants,” another wrote.

“Is ‘science’ the reason celebrities don’t need masks at the Emmys but all the hourly employees do?” yet another wrote.

“Emmys = no masks. Our college and high school sons = masks. Where’s the outrage?” yet one more wrote.

It’s not that the Emmys’ attendees should have been forced to wear masks. It’s that everybody else in the country shouldn’t be forced to wear masks, either.

The fact some can skate on the Anthony-Fauci-recommendations-slash-mandates while others cannot shows clearly the growing two-class society in America: the thees — the Democrat voters, the socialist types, the leftist leaners — but not for me’s — the conservatives, the Donald Trump base, the tea party types, the individualists.

It’s the coronavirus version of apartheid.

“Masks are for peasants,” another wrote on Twitter.

And that very succinctly describes the attitudes from the far-left. 

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