Voter fraud favoring Democrats in the 2020 presidential election has caused every death in the current war in Ukraine. Not the court-verified cheating found in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, but the real fraud: mainstream and social media’s willful violation of free speech granted by our First Amendment. Their wicked collusion in censoring two FBI-vetted stories (the Hunter Biden laptop and Tony Bobulinski’s testimony) prior to the election put a dangerously feeble man in the Oval Office.

On cue, President Biden surrendered the greatest asset in America’s foreign policy: energy independence. He quickly knelt to foreign oil producers, including Russia, and forced NATO allies to continue doing the same. He kept his tail between his legs when exiting Afghanistan, gifting $85 billion of taxpayer-funded advanced weapon systems to the Taliban.

He converted a border crisis into policy, herding unvaccinated illegals onto domestic flights with only arrest warrants as IDs, and turning a blind eye to tons of cartel fentanyl reaching our kids’ schools. Seeing Mr. Biden’s weakness, certainly in defending our sovereignty, Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Democrats discreetly smiled, eager to blame the administration’s soaring inflation and gasoline prices on their go-to villain.

The malicious media that suborned our Constitution can’t run from a stubborn, reprehensible fact. Ukraine would be free today and the thousands dead on both sides still alive if media hadn’t censored stories. A boorish but strong leader of energy-independent America would be in place, keeping a despot firmly in his.


Irwin, Pennsylvania

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