President Biden hid out in the basement of his multi-million dollar house for most of 2020 while running for president. He pretended he was running as a moderate Democrat and promised to unite and heal the country. And his surrogates in the liberal news media went right along with the fraud perpetrated on the American people.

When the New York Post exposed the Biden family as exploiting Joe’s name and position as vice president to earn the “family” millions, the liberals called the story “Russian misinformation.” On Mr. Biden‘s first day in office he opened up our southern border, which has led to the current crisis there. Who knows how many millions of illegal aliens will be allowed to come into our country by the end of this man’s first term in office? That our elected political leaders have no clue how many people are living in this country illegally speaks volumes about how incompetent these people are. How much in the way of illegal drugs is getting smuggled into America? How many criminals and terrorist are amongst those coming in?

Mr. Biden and his military morons Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley planned the debacle in Afghanistan. And thanks to “Uncle Joe,” inflation and the price of everything is soaring. We are now closer to World War III and nuclear holocaust than at any point in American history.

If all this hasn’t scared you, this should: The leader of the free world was recently stopped by the Easter Bunny from answering a reporter question.


Kokomo, Indiana

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