I could never quite understand Rep. Liz Cheney — and her esteemed father, former Vice President Dick Cheney — opposing former President Donald Trump and going “all in” against him due to Mr. Trump’s “election denying” narrative.

Did I dream that vote counting in six swing states just happened to shut down in the middle of the night and experience wild voting anomalies that favored the anemic Joe Biden, who barely campaigned out of his basement? That didn’t raise a red flag with anyone politically astute as the Cheneys?

If anyone knows about the dirty tricks of the Democratic Party, it ought to be the Cheneys, who bore the brunt of the infamous “Bush lied us into war” charge. This is the same Democratic Party with which Ms. Cheney stood shoulder-to-shoulder over the most suspicious election results of all time. It is also the same one that called her father a war criminal “worse than Hitler.”

Given all this, it boggles my mind that the Cheney family calls Mr. Trump a grave danger to our country — while giving the corrupt-to-the-core Democrats the benefit of the doubt after the latter enacted the worst smear campaign in American political history.


Medford, New York

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