On the same day that former President Donald Trump said he was the “rightful winner” of the “compromised” 2020 presidential election because of FBI collusion with Big Tech in suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, former New York Gov. George Pataki said he worries that the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border could trigger a 9/11-like terrorist attack. If this is so, how can we allow Biden to remain in office?

Biden is, after all, the guy who left $85 billion of sophisticated military equipment behind in Afghanistan — equipment that was quickly taken by terrorists. Being that it was a failure of imagination to think, prior to 9/11, that suicidal terrorists wouldn’t take flying lessons and slam jet liners into the World Trade Center, it would also be the same failure of imagination to think the revenge-bent, terrorist-supporting Taliban wouldn’t barter some of America’s abandoned equipment to a rogue state in exchange for weapons of mass destruction to be smuggled into the U.S. and used against us.

Biden’s failed leadership has set us up for a catastrophic event by arming our enemies and inviting them in with an open border. Is it humanly possible to illustrate a more blatant presidential dereliction of duty than this?


Medford, New York

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