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Students in San Francisco’s public elementary schools have the unquestionable right to identify as other genders on campus, according to school system policy documents obtained by a parental rights advocacy group.

San Francisco grade school teachers must use the preferred pronouns of primary students and grant access to their preferred restrooms and locker rooms, according to a document that Parents Defending Education obtained via a public records request.

The Teaching Guide for Elementary Grades in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) states that students beginning at age 12 may give sole consent for “sensitive LGBTQ or sexual health-related services.”

In addition, teaching students about LGBTQ and transgender issues at any age does not require parental notification or permission slips, the document says.

Established last year to fight social justice ideology in public education, Parents Defending Education blasted the guidelines in a press release.

“There is no subject that should be taught to elementary schoolers behind the backs of their parents but for a school district to explicitly state that they will teach ‘queer and trans affirming lessons’ to other people’s young children and not notify parents is absolute madness,” Erika Sanzi, the group’s director of outreach, said in a statement. “This is ideology. We don’t teach the catechism in public schools, with good reason, and we shouldn’t be teaching this either, no matter how many times school leaders repeat the word ‘inclusion.’”

Another document encourages teachers to avoid binary “he or she” pronouns when referring to students. It also provides an illustrated “Gender Unicorn” resource to teach children that gender exists on a spectrum.

In a statement emailed to The Washington Times, an SFUSD spokesperson said the documents respect parental feedback and comply with California mandates to teach LGBTQ+ topics at all grade levels.

An annual Student and Family Handbook reminds parents and families of their right to opt-out of sex education, the spokesperson added.

SFUSD believes that parents, caregivers, and families are active partners in their students’ education,” public relations manager Laura Dudnik said in the statement. “All schools are encouraged to communicate celebrations, inclusive and welcoming school efforts, and school wide activities to the entire school community.”

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