In “What Republicans should stand for” (Web, Feb. 15) Robert Tracci aptly details the legislative priorities that would advance Republican core values. But how many Americans can even identify core Republican values?

Simple, practical, inspirational ones — articulated by tough and winsome candidates — will be key to conservative victories at the ballot box. An offering of three simple such values to take to the voters:

1. God grants humans — not the government — rights. The right to life is the most fundamental, followed by the right to practice one’s faith, speak one’s mind and pursue one’s good goals.

2. You make better decisions for yourself than the government makes for you. The more power the government has, the less power you have to control your own destiny. You should be making your own decisions in health care, education and business — with the least possible interference from government.

3. Military might is the best path to international peace, and the rule of law and a civil society are the best path to domestic peace. The purpose of the military is to protect us and others by either posing the threat of destruction or exercising destruction. The purpose of police is to enforce the laws of the people, through the humane and just (but unflinching) use of force when necessary. Ultimately, however, domestic peace hinges on a civil society, a people of moral character and values preserved in community.


Glen Allen, Virginia

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