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In 2021, roughly 49 percent of Americans claimed allegiance to the Democratic Party, while about 40 percent leaned Republican. Fast-forward a few months and the picture has quite changed: 47 percent say they’re Republican; 42 percent, Democrat.

Seismic, meet shift. 

That’s what a year’s worth of Joe Biden’s socialist-style presidency brings — a mass exit, stage right, of Democrats from their party.

From Gallup: “[There was] a dramatic shift over the course of 2021, from a nine-percentage-point Democratic advantage in the first quarter to a rare five-point Republican edge in the fourth quarter.”

That’s the data-based way of saying: Democrats are doomed. They’re doomed to lose the midterms. They’re doomed to lose the White House. They’re doomed to lose almost all of their political wins from recent times. And why exactly are they doomed?

Because no matter what the numbers say, Democrats refuse to change course. They refuse to chart new paths. They refuse to listen to the American people.

To Democrats, falling poll numbers say nothing about the failures of party leadership and everything about the problems with stupid Americans who are too stupid to get on board with the left’s brilliant ideas.

Every time Democrats get pushback and told no, they turn and push back harder to force a yes.

Build Back Better doesn’t die so much as rolled into another package.

Election reform doesn’t get tossed so much as repackaged from a civil rights must to a patriotic citizen’s duty — with all who oppose labeled as domestic enemies of the country.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates don’t get booted so much as shifted from dictatorial order to thinly disguised demand, with the whisper of more legal wranglings to come wafting from the White House.

Democrats won’t recognize defeat, not even when they’re defeated. This is an admirable trait on the athletic field or during times of war — two areas in which Democrats, curiously enough, are quite willing to concede defeat, either by removing the air of competition and passing out participation trophies to all or by outright fleeing the scene. Can you say Afghanistan? 

But when it comes to U.S. politics, the general rule of thumb is that citizens have the final say; citizens are the employers; the Constitution is the law and order guide; and the elected classes are humble servants of the people. 

Democrats don’t get that.

It’s not in their psychological makeup.

Leftists think they know best, and the rest of humanity is there to serve as puppets.

Thus, the Gallup 2021 findings of a yearlong 14-point shift from the left to the right.

Thus, the takeaway that Biden’s falling favor is pulling people right out of the party.

“The political winds,” Gallup wrote, “[became] more favorable to Republicans in the fourth quarter [of 2021], giving the GOP an advantage over Democrats larger than any they had achieved in more than 25 years.”

If Democrats would listen to the voters,  perhaps they could reverse this loser trend, along with the falling favor of their loser-in-chief, Biden himself. But they won’t. As Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez promised in 2018: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “represents the future of our party.” Translation? Socialism in the Democratic Party is here and it’s here to stay — no matter what saner citizens want or say, it’s here to stay.

Oh, well. Let ‘em have at it.

The more Democrats rally behind that remark, the more they lose and conversely, the better for America, American freedoms and the preservation of individualism. Perhaps the best way to save America from socialism is to stand back and let the Democratic Party continue to spew forth its anti-American messaging. The numbers show: They’re shedding voters daily. The party is crumbling on its own secular, Marxist rot.

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