Our ancestors would be appalled and ashamed at the changes in the values of our present-day population. They could never have envisioned the titanic shifts that would take place away from the traditional values of our country.

When the Supreme Court decreed that abortion was legal in 1973, a significant majority of Americans were disgusted or disagreed with the decision. Ever so gradually, however, the disgust belief began to erode within the conscience of the populace. Presently only a small minority of Americans believe that an unborn child is so sacrosanct that its life must be beyond the reach of the wretched abortion doctor.

It is an elemental truth: When a person’s conscience is no longer offended by an action they once believed to be wrong, the individual has lost a part of themselves — and this holds for both the religious and the nonbelievers.

An ominous cloud looms over our society. The conservative values of yesteryear have mutated into something more liberal; furthermore, the liberal’s former beliefs have deteriorated to a belief in socialism. The movement continues unabated.

Unfortunately many people do not have the iron will to resist the nefarious indoctrination by the political left. When a person succumbs to threats to their security, values and faith, they often conform to the object they once detested.


Traverse City, Mich.

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