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President Joe Biden’s top coronavirus wonks say Americans aren’t doing enough to protect themselves against Covid-19 — but that luckily, oh so luckily, this White House is here to help.

They’re from the government and they’re here to help.

“The key feature of [Omicron offshoot] BA.5, that we know about, is its immune evasiveness — you can be fully vaccinated and boosted and still have a risk of a breakthrough infection,” said Ashish Jha, the White House’s top coronavirus response coordinator, in an interview with The New York Times.

“You can be previously infected — even as recent as the last couple of months — and [still] have a very high rate of reinfection,” Jha went on.

Bingo. The White House has the answer.

“We can prevent serious illness,” Jha said.

“We can keep people out of the hospital and especially out of the ICU,” Jha said.

“We can save lives,” Jha said.

Just trust in government and all will be well.

And guess what government’s recommending? Shots.

More shots. More booster shots. More and more and ever, evermore boosters and shots. As on cue, drumming up fears once again, comes Anthony Fauci.

“Variants will continue to emerge if the virus circulates globally and in this country,” Fauci said. Fauci, the guy who took the shot, then the booster then the booster then the booster, then tested positive for the coronavirus. That Fauci. He went on: “We should not let it disrupt our lives. But we cannot deny that it is a reality that we need to deal with.”

And once again, for those in the back of the room, the way to deal with this reality is, drumroll please, more shots.

This administration would have Americans take shots forever — if not for this variant, then for that one; if not for that variant, wait for it, wait for it, there’ll be another one. Do they work? Eh, define “work.” The media, meanwhile, just as with two-plus years of deceptive, outright lying, coronavirus reporting, are coming out with the same old game plan of deceptive, outright lying, reporting to advance the government’s preferred COVID-19 narrative.

From The New York Times — buried in the tenth paragraph: “The daily number of reported cases in the United States has remained steady at roughly 100,000 — a figure that many experts say is underreported because so many people are testing at home. But hospitalizations have risen 18 percent over the past two weeks, according to a New York Times database.  Dr. Jha said that figure could reflect those who are hospitalized for medical issues other than Covid, but who test positive.”

Point Number One — the Anonymous Citation: What experts? Who? 

Point Number Two — the Media Bias: The New York Times is citing its own internal database as fact in a supposedly unbiased story about rising coronavirus cases?

Point Number Three — the Outright Deception: The coverup that hospitalizations tied to the coronavirus are due in part — likely, in large part — to other medical issues and that the patient is not seeking critical care treatment because of the virus or its variants.

Not to pick on The New York Times; all the mainstream media, and even some on the so-called conservative side, are guilty of slicing up data and selectively reporting on coronavirus “science” in a way that omits key facts and crucial contexts. But it’s that last, that Point Number Three, that really drove the hysteria about the coronavirus in the first place, and that the left used to justify clampdowns on the economy, shutdowns on business and school and government seizure of individual liberties. Most in the media were complicit in the lie that hospitals nationwide were overrun with coronavirus patients, that people who tested positive for Covid-19 were practically on paths to death and that wearing face masks, staying at home, staying off streets and stopping all singing in churches were the only means of staying alive — that, and shots, of course.

But truth has a funny way of emerging.

And once truthful data came to the forefront, it was obvious neither the coronavirus nor its various variants were the deadly mass killing machines medical bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci and Microsoft executives like Bill Gates made them out to be. Rather, quite the opposite. Even The New York Times reports that of 88.6 million coronavirus cases in the United States, only 1.02 million have resulted in deaths — or, about 1.15%. That’s not to downgrade the importance of the 1.02 million who’ve died, but it is to elevate the importance of individual liberty,  individual choice and individual rights. What right does government have to shut down an entire nation; destroy small businesses; force children to stay home from school; order citizens stay out of the streets, off the beaches, away from parks; close churches and silence singers; slap face masks on citizens as young as two years old; weaponize the free market to inflict government dictates on the American citizens — and more — for a virus that carries a recovery rate of nearly 99% and for a virus that has been identified as most dangerous for only select segments of the population, namely the elderly and those with a few specific health issues?

“We are rolling out our BA5 strategy, to get ahead of an expected increase in cases,” tweeted Ron Klain, Biden‘s chief of staff.

Here we go again. More hype. More hoax. More manufactured fears to justify more clampdowns against individualism. We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

Ronald Reagan knew better.

Americans, post-coronavirus, with all its apparent, glaring lessons, should know better, too.

When it comes to dealing with the coronavirus, its variants and now, as with BA.5, its sub variants, nobody knows better than the individual. 

Biden’s White House must not be allowed to hype fears — to fuel fears based on faked, faulty science — to steal individual freedoms again.

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