George Soros reportedly spent $40 million to install 75 leftist (often inexperienced) district attorneys throughout the country. Mr. Soros plans to effectively oppose the recalls of those attorneys and get even more of them elected.

There are some things money can’t fix, like the anguished cry of a mother who must bury her child. This is especially so when the child’s only misstep was being innocently caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout, or as most recently seen, attending school on a particular day. Such killings and many other crimes happen so frequently that they are often no longer lead stories in broadcast news.

The Soros DAs, who have sold their souls for campaign cash and other goodies, fail to prosecute the individuals who commit such crimes. Non-cash bail creates revolving jail doors.

People are afraid of retaliation from criminals and criminal officials. However, pushed far enough, even the most frightened can become the most courageous.

The people have the vote. Mr. Soros has money. Game on. May human decency, self-interest and the rule of law prevail.


Silver Spring, Maryland

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