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Police in Columbus, Ohio, have a new vehicle in their law enforcement lineup — a shiny white SUV painted in Pride Month glory in glossy rainbow stripes and adorned with the movement’s signature phrase, “Love Is Love.”

And all the criminals go: Yay.

This is worse than “defund the police.” At least defunding means cops exit, stage left, with their dignity intact.

But this — this police cruiser blasting out pro-Pride messages with unicorn and fairy-like, cupcake-frosting fancy — this is emasculating the police. And that’s worse because Columbus can claim that it staffs its police force and that it fully supports law enforcement — all the while Not.

“Hi, I’m Officer Lutz with the Columbus Division of Police,” Officer Lutz says in a promotional video of his department’s LGBTQIA+ efforts, as The Blaze reported. “I’m your LGBTQIA+ liaison officer, and we’re unveiling right now our Pride Cruiser for the month of June.”

Cue music.

“I’m excited about this cruiser, it’s great for representation,” Officer Lutz says, as the camera lens slides over a slogan under the windows, “Report Hate Crimes.”

The department is fully on board.

“Happy #PRIDE Columbus!!!” Columbus Ohio Police wrote in a tweet. “Make sure to say hi to Officer Lutz when you see him out and get a photo with our PRIDE cruiser!”

This is probably not the best way to fight crime.

According to City-Data.com, the crime rate in 2019 in Columbus was “higher than 89.4% U.S. cities.”

According to AreaVibes.com, the violent crime rate of Columbus is 43% higher than the national average. Meanwhile, the property crime rate in Columbus is 60% higher than the national average.

According to Neighborhood Scout, the city of Columbus registers 9 on a crime index scale of cities around the nation — where 100 is the safest.

According to WBNS Channel 10 in a November 2021 report, the homicide rate for Columbusincreased more than Chicago’s in past two years,” 63% to 34%.

According to VanLifeWanderer.com, Columbus reported 5,065 violent crimes in 2020 and had a crime rate of 557.11 per 100,000 residents — about 1.4 times higher than the national average.

But the city has a flashy new LGBTQIA+ vehicle to celebrate Pride Month. So there is that.

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