Is it discrimination when an employer announces they’ll only consider whites for a position that all races qualify for? Or that they’ll only accept males for a job that all sexes, including transgender folk, can do? Since it’s safe to assume most Americans would say yes to both, where is the “woke” mob in seeking a 100-0 vote against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as Supreme Court justice?

President Biden committed both forms of prejudice by saying he would only nominate a Black woman to the open position. He did so proudly, at national microphones, as though not comprehending his own words. Like when he recently told our troops they were going to Ukraine. Or that America would use chemical weapons if Russian President Vladimir Putin did. Or that Russia needed a regime change. All three dangerous gaffes were walked back by staffers. Mr. Biden is now on tape claiming he never said what his tech servants have yet to scrub off the internet.

So where is “The View” on the gross injustice of this nomination? Where are the late-night comics? The ACLU? Network media? Why aren’t celebrities incensed? Why didn’t Will Smith rise up and slap Mr. Biden’s face when the president smugly violated the Equal Employment Opportunity Act? And why hasn’t social media suspended White House accounts?

The answer is simple. The elites believe they’re immune to the degradation of liberty resulting from Democratic policies, including the censoring of speech by tech giants. And they either don’t care or are too dimwitted to realize their own children’s dissent will be silenced, too.


Irwin, Pennsylvania

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