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Bill Gates just came out with a new book called “How To Prevent The Next Pandemic,” describing his vision to do just that.

Dear America: Wake up and smell the “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” stench. This is a plan for total global dominance over the health of the human race. It’s socialism, communism, collectivism — completely anti-American, completely anti-America.

Among his recommendations: a global health database, governments armed with quarantine powers and a quick-time vaccine development system that replaces the current years’ long safety and efficacy testing time with six months.

And here’s the eerie promise: “No one gets left behind, because we’ve already worked out how to rapidly make enough vaccines for everyone,” Gates wrote.

Gates isn’t just a mad scientist.

He’s the guy who trains the mad scientists.

In his own words: “But we do not have to live in fear of another pandemic.” (Not all of us were in the first place. But that’s to digress.)

Back to Gates: “The world can provide basic care to everyone, and be ready to respond to and contain any emerging diseases. What would it look like in practice? Imagine.”

He then wrote of research that leads to mass production of diagnostic and testing tools, vaccines and lifesaving drugs in speedy time — in itself, worthy goals. But the devil’s in the details.

Humans, after all, don’t live in labs. People, after all, aren’t born to become the stuff of study for medical researchers. And even more importantly, for a country of citizens born free: America does have a Constitution that underscores the God-given rights of individuals. Governments can’t just quarantine, willy-nilly. Governments can’t just force medical tests, over the objections of those who object.

Gates can envision all he wants but in the end, Americans are still free to choose. At least — they’re supposed to be. Under this new Great Reset of the World Economic Forum, under this new Build Back Better of the Biden administration, under these two-plus coronavirus years of shifting mindsets of the American citizenry that has seen governments exploit fears and lead individuals down a path of collectivism — under all this and more, perhaps the new world order, as penned by Gates and as supported by his globalist-minded partners, doesn’t include a sovereign United States with a society of citizens with rights the come from God. Perhaps the vision is to destroy America, crumble America’s Constitution and build back a country that’s more communist, more globalist, more collectivist-minded in nature.

No, not perhaps.

Read Gates’ own words and the “perhaps” is a definite.

“Imagine,” he wrote, “universal vaccines protect everyone from every strain of … coronaviruses and influenza.”

Read on.

“Imagine,” he wrote, “a potentially threatening disease is rapidly detected by local public health agencies … [and] anything out of the ordinary is shared with capable labs for study, and the information is uploaded to a global database monitored by a dedicated team.”

Read on.

“Imagine,” he wrote, “when a threat is detected, governments sound the alarm and initiate public recommendations for travel, social distancing and emergency planning.”

Read on.

“Imagine,” he wrote, “governments start using the blunt tools that are already on hand, such as mandatory quarantines. …”

And once more, read on.

“And this all happens quickly,” he wrote. “It takes just six months to go from raising the first red flag to making enough safe, effective vaccines to protect the population of the earth.”

What of individual choice? What of the individual right to determine health care? What of individual rights?

Those are questions that get in the way of Gates’ vision — and will therefore, likely be disregarded. After all, we’ve already experienced a taste of all that Gates has put forth for the next pandemic, by way of governments’ response to the coronavirus for the last two years: that is to say, we’ve already experienced how so-called “recommendations” from the bureaucratic world turn into mandates and must-do’s and medical emergency orders that must be obeyed, immediately and without question, or else people will die, die, die.

Now Gates wants to take those COVID-19 created crises and experiences of the last couple years — the ridiculous ones that robbed Americans of every cherished freedom; the non-scientific and randomly enforced ones that closed businesses, closed schools, closed churches and the like — and bundle them into a steroid-charged lesson plan for more, more, more. What’s more, he sees us halfway there now.

“To some,” he wrote, “[this plan] will sound overly ambitious. It’s certainly a big deal, but we’re already headed in that direction.”

Yes, we are. Sad but true, we are.

Americans, sadly but truly, and for two-plus years, allowed government, Gates and medical bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci far too much power for far too long. Why? Fear. Fear and well-played leftist government exploitations of fear. And Gates is quite right: Another virus, another pandemic, another health emergency, and Americans could very easily race into sheep-like obedience-to-the-government mode once again. But it doesn’t have to be.

America can still stop it.

Americans can retain the nation’s exceptionalism — the ideal of individualism, the idea that rights come from the Creator — and give the boot to this oncoming collectivism and globalism.

Hope is not lost.

The fight against the socialists and cultural Marxists and globalists can still be won.

But it starts with taking Gates at his word and realizing his mad vision for the world is shared by many in high positions of government, both within America’s boundaries and without, at the global bodies that President Biden himself wants to join and support, or continue to fund and support.

“If we — governments, funders, private industry — make the right choices and investments,” Gates wrote, “we can do this.”

Ditto for the patriots of America. If we make the right choices and wage the right fight, we can keep from becoming the pawns of socialists, the peons of communists. We can keep from being treated like clumps on a petri dish. 

Gates is not our god.

Truly, America must remember who is, or risk losing all.

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