Term limits for Supreme Court justices may require an amendment to our Constitution (“Nearly 70% of Americans support term limits for Supreme Court justices,” Web, May 18). If they do, the revision should also consider whether a simple majority of justices should have the authority to infringe upon an individual’s right to life, liberty or property until that simple majority is effectively nullified.

Two cases before the Supreme Court, one dealing with an enumerated right to keep and bear arms and one dealing with an unenumerated right to abortion, are examples of what James Madison foresaw in Federalist No. 10 and Federalist No. 47 (tyranny). Perhaps an amendment to terms for justices might also require a unanimous vote to infringe upon inalienable rights.

America’s government was created to secure rights, and that is a duty not subject to the opinion of a simple majority of Supreme Court justices.


Montgomery, Alabama

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