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Democrats are right: These school shootings in America have to end.

Democrats are wrong: Abolishing the Second Amendment will not end gun violence.

What’s more, the Democrats already know that. Leftists in America just want to use horrific acts of violence, like school shootings, for political gain: Never let a crisis go to waste.

“We MUST pass commonsense legislation to end violence,” Nevada Democratic Sen. Jacky Rosen wrote in a tweet, on the heels of the Texas school shooting that left 19 children and two adult teachers dead, the Nevada Current reported.

She also wrote she is “determined to find a path forward for legislation to reduce gun violence.”

Another Nevada Democrat, Sen. Catherine Cortez Mastro, tweeted similarly: “Children should be safe in this country. Everyone should be safe in this country. We must protect people from this senseless violence,” she wrote.

And then there was this, from the Democratic Party’s highest ranking on the Senate side, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — who said this to Republicans resisting clamps on Second Amendment freedoms: “Please, please, please, damn it, put yourself in the shoes of these parents for once. Maybe that thought — putting yourself in the shoes of these parents instead of the arms of the NRA — might let you wriggle free from the vise-like grip of the NRA.”

It’s all stuff and nonsense, of course.

The Democrat grandstanding is all aimed at putting on a political show, pretending as if legislation that outlaws acts that are already outlawed, or watering the Second Amendment with so-called “commonsense” watering that only the already law-abiding would abide — it’s all pretend and pretense and professions based on fabrications aimed at appeasing low-information voters who make up the Democrat base.

More than that, it’s all pretend and pretense based on advancing a long-held lust of the Democratic Party to strip legally carrying citizens of their rights to legally carry.

“It’s time to repeal the Second Amendment,” suggested Hollywood’s leading leftist propagandist Michael Moore, in a recent MSNBC interview.

The only outcome of such foolishness would be more violence. Lawbreakers don’t worry about what laws are passed; those with intent to commit gun-related crimes, including murder, aren’t going to be persuaded to lay down their arms because the Second Amendment has been repealed.

Once again, Democrats know this. They just don’t care because their ultimate end game is to strip the American citizenry of the right to bear arms.

If Democrats truly cared about gun-related violence, and genuinely wanted to save kids from future school shootings, they would address the heart of such matters: which is to say, they would look to the evil nature of human hearts and endeavor to drive out that evil by godly means.

They would look to the study and advancement of biblical principles.

Founding Fathers knew that this democratic-republic with its limits on government and its adherence to the concept of God-given rights would only last so long as the people were moral and virtuous. They also knew that as more and more corruption and immorality seeped into the political world and culture that the bigger government would grow. Why? Only properly morally compassed individuals can constrain themselves; only those with fear of accountability to a higher power can keep themselves in check — can keep themselves from, say, committing acts of violence and heinous crimes. Laws only lay out a standard for society; they rarely prevent those who are bent on breaking laws from actually breaking the law.

America’s moved away from godly standards of behavior and governance.

Americans have by and large shed the idea of rights coming from God in favor of a system where rights are only those that are granted by government.

And Americans have done that because the nation, as a whole, has grown more and more secular, which has led to more and more behavioral problems — meaning more and more crimes and mental disorders — and that has led to more and more calls for the government to come in and save us all from the rotted, rotting culture.

If America wants to stop gun-related crimes, Americans must return to a time where God was allowed to lead — where God was allowed His perch as leader. Once upon a time, churches in this country were filled on Sunday; school days opened with prayers, or at least, moments of silence; politicians from both sides of the aisles spoke openly of God, godly virtues, biblical truths and God-given individual rights. And kids didn’t shoot up kids as they sat in classes in public schools. Times have changed. America has changed.

Democrats want more laws to bring about change for the better.

But it won’t work. Stripping Second Amendment rights from those who already obey the law will only leave the law-abiding in positions of defenseless prey to the law breakers. Once more, Democrats know this. And that’s why they clamor for more laws: they know this futility will bring them more power and more control.

The real hope for a safe America rests with God.

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