When Winston Churchill spoke of “the lights of a perverted science,” he wasn’t criticizing or referring to the many benefits that harnessing the powers of chemistry and physics have bestowed upon humankind. Rather, he was speaking of Western civilization having become so caught up in materialism (of the nihilistic sort) that it now ignores the intangible: love, family, morality, self-discipline and respect for the  divine.

Have we become a morally ignorant nation? Successful candidates in the recent midterm elections support heroin legalization, the abandonment of law enforcement, unlimited government spending and indebtedness. A major TV news anchor suggested Sen.-elect John Fetterman as a possible presidential candidate. 

Just 50 years ago, such proposals would have been scoffed at. Hence, one can only conclude that large segments of our citizenry are now guided only by tribalistic group membership, absent consideration for or comprehension of moral or economic reality. Yes, our democracy is in trouble.

North Provo, Utah 

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