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A new survey from the Trafalgar Group finds the majority of Americans would like to see Anthony Fauci investigated by Congress for his inconsistent — read: highly politicized — recommendations regarding COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

And another majority want him tarred and feathered and exiled to a remote Pacific island.

Just kidding.

But it’s implied.

By the numbers: a bit more than 52% of the 1,079 surveyed likely general election voters said Congress should investigate Fauci for his “inconsistent testimony about his research leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, and then his actions in managing the pandemic,” Trafalgar found.

Predictably enough, 70% of Democrats said no — no investigation warranted. But a bit surprisingly, almost 26% of Democrats said yes, investigate away; another 4-and-a-half percent weren’t sure.

Meanwhile, 80% of Republicans wanted Fauci investigated by Congress — and rather shamefully, another near-17% didn’t. Those must be the 17% who profit from Big Pharma.

It’s the 45-64-year-olds who want Fauci hauled before Congress the most. Almost 37% of this age group favor investigation; another near-27% of those above age 65 say similarly; and roughly 14% of those between ages 25 and 34, and between ages 35 and 44 say the same. By and large, it’s the younger generation — the 18-24-year-olds — who don’t want Fauci investigated for his role in COVID-19 chaos. They’re the “if one face mask is good, two face masks are better — it’s only common sense” crowd. By the numbers, just under 8% of this age wants Congress to question Fauci.

They’re socialists, anyway. What do you expect from them?

Trafalgar breaks down its findings by gender, race and party participation, too. But in the end, the results are clear: Fauci’s the face of all that’s wrong with the government’s response to COVID.

He should have to face accountability.

After all, he claimed he was science.

“Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science,” Fauci said in December, 2021.

Congress certainly has the right to hold hearings on science.

If Fauci is science, it’s a no-brainer.

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