As I and so many other Americans watch socialist Democrats on various congressional committees make absolute fools of themselves, it becomes as clear as glass that they do not know how to handle the truth swirling all around them (“Tucker Carlson blows up left’s Jan. 6 narrative,” web, March 8).

I am assuming that each of them was told at an early age that lying was a bad thing and could only lead to personal ruin. Yet here we are.

The champion of the Jan. 6 committee, a now-disgraced former Rep. Liz Cheney, has had her mantle of false piety ripped off and her wholesale lying — which has caused many decent Americans to be falsely imprisoned — exposed by undeniable proof. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has been exposed as the thug he is. Mr. Schumer is only in Congress because we shamefully allow it, but in his perverted little walnut of a brain, he is the power broker.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, incensed that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has released the truth regarding the snakes that live in the Capitol, cannot go back to pretending to be a conservative. He’s out now and we all know that he’s in league with the socialists. As the truth piles up, it will soon choke the life out of the socialist agenda and with it the people who have harmed so many innocent men, women and children around the globe.

There is no way to know if they will ever be appropriately and legally punished for the crimes they have committed. But one should not lose the hope. Reelecting former President Donald Trump in 2024 would go a long way toward achieving justice, as he has already promised to be our “retribution.”

If 100 million Americans support Mr. Trump in 2024 and Ron DeSantis in 2028, an entire generation would not have to live the way we are living right now. Think about that.


Gainesville, Florida

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