This Sunday, March 19, will mark the 20th anniversary of the preemptive “regime change” war with Iraq. It was to be the start of what the Democratic Party would for years crow was an “unnecessary,” “illegal,” “immoral” and “unjustified” military action by President George W. Bush. 

The president, they said, “lied us into” a war in which over 4,500 U.S. military personnel and thousands of innocent Iraqis were killed.

Yet somehow, for this insanely egregious offense — easily the biggest crime of which a sitting president has been accused — there were no congressional hearings, no impeachment trials and no charges brought against either Mr. Bush or then-Vice President Dick Cheney following their time in office. Both men are free to go about their business (and are usually even celebrated with invitations to the best seats at the Super Bowl and World Series).

Compare the treatment of Messrs. Bush and Cheney after they left office to that of former President Donald Trump, who is harassed daily by all levels of government with a full-court press that included an FBI raid on his private residence.

Again, the accusation against the Bush-Cheney White House was “They lied us into war to enrich their friends,” an unforgivable, historical sin.

Mr. Trump’s crime was that he had the gall to contest a presidential election in which six swing states suspiciously shut down voting in the middle of the night and experienced wild voting anomalies that favored his opponent.

Being that the Democrats never once backed up their incendiary rhetoric against Messrs. Bush and Cheney during the last 66 months these two men were in office, why would anyone take the Democrats seriously now when it comes to Mr. Trump?


Medford, New York

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