Well, here we go again: Another weak-kneed, supposed conservative is calling for former President Donald Trump not to run due to pending charges/indictments and other reasons (“Trump should remove himself from 2024 presidential race,” web, March 20).

In all fairness, I like Cal Thomas‘ writing and usually agree with him. But Mr. Trump has every right to run in 2024, and I hope he does.

Yes, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and some other potential presidential nominees would be a thousand times better than the embarrassment we have now in the White House. Bugs Bunny would do a better job than President Biden. However, I believe Mr. Trump is still the best choice. Yes, he has baggage, and I would agree with Mr. Thomas and others that he should just be quiet at times. But quite simply he is the best president this country has seen in any of our lifetimes.

What Mr. Trump accomplished in four years was amazing. I won’t go over it all; we know what he did. Most importantly, he took on the “deep state” or “swamp” in Washington and made real changes. He is not responsible for the divide in this country. That responsibility lies with the Democrats, starting with former President Barack Obama and worsening under Mr. Biden. They and other Democrats are responsible for the hyperinflation, energy problems, international problems, “woke” agenda and LGBTQ-whatever agenda being shoved down people’s throats.

Has Mr. Thomas asked Mr. Biden to resign or refrain from running in 2024 owing to the incredible amount of damage he and his regime have done to this country? Mr. Trump has every right to fight the charges against him — and every right to run for president in 2024, indictments or no indictments.


Glen Burnie, Maryland

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