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Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, is the name of the woman who stormed into the private Christian Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, and cold-bloodedly murdered three small children and three adults as part of a planned evil plot she actually hinted to a friend was coming.

And all the media and transgender activists go: Gasp! Don’t you dare call her a woman. She identified as a man.


This is what concerns the LGBTQ community — the fact that the evil woman who committed this act of evil, after which she was shot and killed by police, won’t be remembered as the man she wasn’t but simply wished to be?

Careful now, oh ye LGBTQ community. You’re tipping your hand as even more psychologically ill than known.

“Hale was being treated for an unspecified emotional disorder,” the Daily Beast wrote.

No surprise there.

Hale suffered from delusion.

She believed she could be a different sex than what God had ordained.

And that pretty much describes the psychological ailment that pervades the LGBTQ community in general.

Transgenderism is a mental disorder. If Hale thought she should have been born a male, and because of that disordered way of thinking spent her last few months of life dressing as a man, identifying to others as a man, and trying to force others to recognize her as a man — so be it; that was her choice. But it doesn’t make it true.

Her wishful thinking doesn’t translate into truth or reality.

Not only is it shameful for society to play into this deception — a) because it cruelly feeds and advances the mental illness of the mentally ill, and b) it forces the entire nation to feed and advance the lie. But it’s particularly shameful to advance this deception in death.

Hale wanted notoriety from her murders. She wanted attention. She wanted to show herself as a man, capable of performing an act of evil that is normally, traditionally, historically committed by men — mass murderous shootings. So why give her, in death, the satisfaction of advancing her lie?

“5 times @cnn misgendered [Hale]. No correction. A mass shooting is horrible. Misgendering does not make anything better,” one widely shared Twitter post read.

Then this, from a Talk TV report: “The New York Times and CNN have issued corrections after ‘misgendering’ the perpetrator of the Nashville Christian school massacre and failing to use her preferred pronouns.”

This was the actual “correction” from The New York Times: “There was confusion … about the gender identity of the assailant in the Nashville shooting. Officials had used ‘she’ and ‘her’ to refer to the suspect, who, according to a social media post and a LinkedIn profile, appeared to identify as a man in recent months.”

The fact that a psycho-killer like Hale referred to herself as a man, and wanted others to refer to her as a male, should actually be cause to dig down and make clear, post-massacre, she was not a man. She was a woman living a life of lies. Giving evil what evil wants is never a good move.

It seems that at the least, Hale should be stripped of any recognition as a male. 

It seems that at the least, even radicals in the transgender movement and their left-leaning friends and enablers in the media could refrain from defending the now-dead Hale’s free choice.

How lunatic do these mentally ailing people have to go before they’re finally given the psychological and emotional counseling they so desperately need? How accommodating does society have to be to the lunatic fringe before it’s widely acknowledged that normalizing the abnormal is not the key to a healthy society?

Hale was a woman — an evil one, at that. She was not the victim here. She most definitely was not a male.

That shouldn’t be radical or upsetting to say. And those who disagree are the problem. 

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