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Within the next decade, some scientists figure it will be possible to create a viable human egg from a male skin cell — paving the path for same-sex male couples to have their own biological children. The prediction came on the heels of a genome development that saw scientists producing baby mice by generating eggs from male cells.

Oh, what a tangled web they weave.

The LGBTQ crowd in particular is no doubt cheering this latest evil. After all, if tearing down normal, traditional family structure is the end game of the LGBTQ activists — which it is — well then, bucking God’s most elemental order, creation, is the ultimate win.

From Sky News: “Scientists say they have bred mice using eggs originating from male cells, in a breakthrough which could one day pave the way for human male couples to have children.”

How’d they do it?

The scientists, led by Katsuhiko Hayashi at the Kyushu University in Japan, “relied on a series of intricate steps to transform a skin cell, carrying the male XY chromosome combination, into an egg, with the female XX versions,” The Guardian wrote.

A little culture here, a little egg fertilization there, a little sperm here, a few embryos later — and voila, let the implantation begin. 

“The scientists obtained about 600 embryos, which were implanted into surrogate mice, resulting in the birth of seven mouse pups,” The Guardian said.

And now the idea is to move from mice to man. 

“[The research] suggests that a single man could have a biological child,” said bioethicist Tetsuya Ishill at Hokkaido University in Japan, in the journal Nature.

Of course, it could be years and years before scientists learn just how to safely and effectively apply their discovery to humans. But it’s a step forward.

Hayashi and his colleagues say they’re working right now to copycat their mice experiment — their ability to create lab-grown eggs — by doing the same for humans.

On a positive note, these experiments could result in practical solutions for couples with severe fertility issues. But every silver lining has its cloud.

On the other hand, the darker hand, this could open the door for same-sex couples to foster their own biological children — to pretend to get “pregnant,” so to speak. And while the LGBTQ community might applaud, and so, too, their supporters in segments of society, the fact is the idea of same-sex men having their own biological babies, absent the need for a female partner, a female egg donor, is the ultimate scorn of God’s creation.

It’s the ultimate rebellion against God’s will.

It’s the ultimate tear-down of traditional, God-sanctioned family — and if family is the building block of a nation, then as the family goes, so, too, the nation.

Scientists have the power and knowledge to make great strides in goodness for humanity — but only if they’re bound by a reverence first for God’s domain.

Those who seek to upset the balance of nature do so at their own peril. Unfortunately, these days, those who seek to upset the balance of nature do so at all of society’s peril, too.

God will not be mocked.

Advancing an evil agenda that advances a sin-filled society will not advance humanity one bit. 

Scientists with proper moral compasses do not conduct experiments and seek discoveries that oh so unabashedly conflict with God’s will.

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