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Rusty Humphries Rebellion

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HUMPHRIES: Please, Mitt … Don’t!

We are far too intelligent a people than to fall for these cheap political stunts perpetrated by the Left and their cheerleaders in the media. We don’t need the next presidential election to be a rerun of 2012, or 2008, or 1992.

The liberal bully of the week is … Vladimir Putin

Bullying has been a specialty of Vladimir Putin his entire life. Even as a boy, he likes to say he was “A bully not a pioneer.” He was a kid with a quick temper and skills in martial arts — what a combo for a future KGB leader!

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A conservative in Hollywood?

In this exclusive video interview, you find out what Jay Leno is really like, and you’ll see even though author Dave Berg is a conservative in such a liberal town, why people there like and respect him.

First lady Michelle Obama, second from left, her mother Marian Robinson, left, share a light moment with Chinese President Xi Jinping, second from right, at the Diaoyutai state guesthouse in Beijing in March. (AP Photo/Andy Wong, Pool)

HUMPHRIES: 'There's No Place Like Utopia'

Joel Gilbert’s new documentary is a fresh, fast-paced, insightful look at the folly that is socialism, finding humor and human horror throughout his journeys in Detroit, Washington, D.C., Hollywood, and even his own hometown in Tennessee.