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Soviet Union and Russian Victory banner

The communists among us

OK, watch out! Incoming! I'm going to let them have it, full bore. Having just spent a month in the former Soviet Union, specifically Russia and Ukraine, I'm going to say some things that many Americans won't want to hear. But these things need to be said. As the old saying goes, truth is the best medicine.

Jonathan Edwards 2-volume set by Banner of Truth Publishing. (Image courtesy of Matthew Everhard)

Top 10 Jonathan Edwards books

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) is considered one of America's first and most important philosophers and theologians. Here are the 10 best books by and about Edwards.

Ukraine hopes Russia joins debt deal

After completing a grueling debt renegotiation with its international creditors, Ukraine still has a large mountain to climb solving the problem of the $3 billion bond with Russia.

The shell of pre-revolutionary building in Mariupol, Ukraine. (Photo by L. Todd Wood)

War Is ending in Ukraine

Pro-Russian rebel forces and the Ukrainian government have signed an agreement to withdraw weapons under 100mm caliber from the contact line in East Ukraine. I have met with and spoken with Ukrainian military sources here in Mariupol and can confirm this is beginning to happen. This development effectively ends the armed portion of the conflict in East Ukraine between Kyiv and pro-Russian separatists for the time being.