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Sderot, Israel, on the Gaza border, in July 2014. (Photo by L. Todd Wood)

The rockets from Gaza begin again

To continue on our reporting on terrorist violence in Israel, spurred by the lack of American leadership in the Middle East, on Friday the first rocket in months from Gaza landed in Israel. It seems Hamas, which controls the territory, has decided to get involved in the outbreak of attacks on Jews in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Jewish State.

St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny answers questions during a press conference, Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, in St. Louis. The Cardinals face the Chicago Cubs, for the first time in post-season history, in the National League Division Series.  (AP Photo/Tom Gannam)

Is St. Louis the ultimate baseball town?

Now that the baseball season is over for the Washington Nationals, is it safe for me to point you to an article in this week's Wall Street Journal, headlined: "Why St. Louis Is the Ultimate Baseball Town: How John Mozeliak, Mike Matheny and the fans make players want to play in St. Louis."


Suicide: reaching out of darkness and despair

Last year, there were an estimated 9.4 million American adults, age 18 and older, who seriously contemplated killing themselves. Nearly 40,000 committed suicide -- and experts believe that due to under-reporting, the number is actually much higher.

Finding Noah

LISTEN: Rusty Humphries with Matthew Marsden on "Finding Noah"

On this podcast, Rusty talks with his friend Matthew Marsden, a British actor you've seen in Rambo (2008), Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, Atlas Shrugged and more. He's produced a movie being released today called Finding Noah where they search for Noah's ark. Also, what's it like hanging with Sylvester Stallone and what does a Brit think of American exceptionalism?

This image taken from video provided by the Syrian activist-based media group Syrian Revolutionary Command Council in Hama, which has-been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows smoke rising after a Russian airstrike hit buildings in the town of Latamna in the area of Hama in Eastern Syria, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015. (Syrian Revolutionary Command Council in Hama via AP Video) MANDATORY CREDIT

Russia, Iran planned Syria assault during nuclear talks

The situation on the ground in Syria for the Assad regime had been deteriorating for some time as rebel forces advanced and inflicted significant losses on Syrian government forces, threatening Russia's naval base in Tartus and Iran's influence in the region.

LISTEN: Rusty Humphries speaks truth to punks

On this podcast, Rusty finds an old Dragnet clip that speaks as powerfully today as it did in the 1960's. Jay Leno was given an opportunity he never gave Johnny Carson. Alan Korwin, one of America's leading gun writers' talks about the misguided policy's towards guns emanating from the left and in the halls of power.

Owen Strachan, professor of theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo courtesy of Owen Strachan)

On Tuesdays you can 'Ask the Theologian'

How do you know that what you are saying is actually true? An ongoing series of Q&A with Christian theologian Owen Strachan, hosted by Scott Lamb of "Jesus in the Public Square" here at The Washington Times.