Death penalty seen as ‘racist’

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“I can’t imagine the pain they feel, but to me, the death penalty prolongs their pain,” Mrs. Sprucin said. “If someone is in prison, then the case is over and the [victim’s family] can start moving on with their lives.”

The demonstrators also protested the sentence given to Vernon Evans Jr., who was sentenced to death for the 1983 contract killing of two Baltimore County motel clerks.

Earlier this month, the Court of Appeals upheld Evans’ death sentence.

Baker and Evans, who are black, have appealed their sentences because of the University of Maryland’s study.

Evans’ sister, Gwendolyn Bates, an evangelist, participated in the protest.

“I don’t believe that the state has a right to take another human being’s life,” she said. “I don’t believe anyone should take another human being’s life. And if that law is broken, then they should be given a sentence of life in prison or whatever it takes, but not to take that person’s life.”

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