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Tarron Lively

Tarron Lively

Tarron Lively is the deputy editor of the Continuous News Desk.

Articles by Tarron Lively

Medics’ lawsuit dropped for now

Two D.C. firefighters disciplined last month in connection with the response to the emergency call for journalist David E. Rosenbaum dropped their lawsuit against the city yesterday after reaching an agreement to pursue arbitration in the case. Published May 23, 2007

Muslim holidays rejected by board

Baltimore County public school officials have said that adding Muslim holidays to the school calendars is unlawful and "irresponsible," marking another setback in attempts across the region to add the holidays. Published April 25, 2007

Candidates split on racism of camera sites

Leading D.C. mayoral hopefuls are undecided on whether the city's automated speed-cameras are disproportionately placed in black communities but agree the locations should be more strictly scrutinized. Published June 9, 2006

Race ‘no factor’ in camera locations

Chester Dunn has paid hundreds of dollars to the District's automated traffic-enforcement program through the years, but that isn't why the speed cameras have drawn his ire. Published June 8, 2006

‘Spy’ cameras net a $3.3 million haul

The Metropolitan Police Department collected a record $3.3 million in fines from its automated speed cameras in March — increasing the five-year-old program's total revenue to more than $100 million. Published May 8, 2006

D.C. cameras hit Maryland drivers hardest

Maryland drivers receive the bulk of the citations every month from the District's automated traffic-enforcement system, which has generated more than $135 million in fines since 1999. Published March 27, 2006

D.C. speed cameras post top month

The Metropolitan Police Department collected a record $2.98 million in fines from its automated speed cameras in December — capping the most lucrative year in the program's five-year history. Published January 30, 2006

‘Glory’s‘ on a sappy road

"Glory Road" is an air ball — a sappy, overwrought narrative that turns one of the most important and captivating stories in sports into an instantly forgettable, underdog-coach-and-ragtag-team formula film. Published January 12, 2006

Death penalty seen as ‘racist’

Protesters rallied outside the governor's mansion yesterday, calling for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. to grant clemency to convicted killer Wesley Eugene Baker days before his scheduled execution next week. Published November 26, 2005

Register a hit for Kanye West

It's been said that the only surefire lure when seeking praise is modesty. Someone forgot to tell that to Kanye West. Published August 29, 2005

Parkour has fans on the run

With a good pair of sneakers, cat burglarlike agility and a lot of courage, Kristof Grina will climb nearly anything. Published June 10, 2004

Prank at PG school leads to mercury contamination

Officials at a Prince George's County high school are investigating a possible mercury contamination, the second such incident in as many months in the D.C. metropolitan area, school officials said yesterday. Published November 22, 2003

Utilities prepared for wind damage

Utility companies under scrutiny for slow power restoration after Hurricane Isabel said yesterday they were prepared for Thursday's windstorms that left tens of thousands of customers without power. Published November 14, 2003

A mighty wind

Powerful, chilly winds blew through the Midwest and into the metropolitan area yesterday, causing power outages, traffic accidents and downed trees, leaving at least two persons seriously injured. Published November 13, 2003

6 Ballou students charged in brawl

Six teenage girls are facing charges after brawling in a hallway at Ballou High School yesterday,, making it the second time in three days that fighting has broken out among students at the school in Southeast. Published November 12, 2003

Parents a factor in teens’ driving

Maryland State Police are using a new enforcement weapon in their efforts to help teenagers become safe drivers -- parents. Published November 6, 2003

Ethics panel fines ANC official over junket

An advisory neighborhood commissioner was fined the maximum $4,000 yesterday by the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics for accepting round-trip airfare from a company seeking a zoning permit in her jurisdiction. Published November 5, 2003