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Lawrence Kogan cited me as his former law professor in his column “LOST and found.” Not only did he not tell me our chat was for purposes of publication, but he misunderstood what I said when he wrote that I “admitted that the U.S. would be incapable of preventing partners such as Europe from employing the precautionary principle against our national interests for the foreseeable future.” To set the record straight, my point was that if the Senate heeds President Bush’s call to approve the Law of the Sea Convention, America will be better able to prevent unreasonable foreign restrictions on its military mobility and global trade, whether in response to the precautionary principle or otherwise. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the leaders of American industry agree.

Maybe Mr. Kogan is happy to forfeit the opportunity to have an American on the commission charged with reviewing Russia’s newly advertised pretensions to control vast seabed resources in the Arctic. I am not.


Richard A. Hausler Professor of Law

University of Miami

Coral Gables, Fla.