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Trivia Question: Red Sox DH David Ortiz is on pace to hit just 28 home runs this season, which would make him only the fourth player in major league history to hit 50 homers one year and less than 30 the next. Who are the other three? (Answer below.)

Number of the Week: 300.

(Temperature — in degrees Celsius — at which Chinese panda dung will be sterilized so it can be used to make odor-free Olympic souvenirs, according to Time magazine.)

Just wondering: If you’re involved in the manufacture of these souvenirs, do you consider it your civic doody?

Turning to basketball, 7-foot-6 Yao Ming is getting married in Shanghai tomorrow to 6-2 Chinese hoopster Ye Li. Members of China’s national teams say they’re still trying to decide what gifts to give the couple.

How about a gift certificate to Bed, Bath, Above and Beyond?

Can you imagine how big their children are going to be? They’ll have to buy a house in Jurassic Park, just so the kids won’t feel self-conscious.

But that’s OK. Most of the Raptors live there.

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