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See our school curricula, watered down along with standardized tests. Notice how they are imbued with psychological fare. Read over school codes like Michigan’s, which specifies that only those who have “earned doctorates in psychology … and related behavioral sciences” are qualified to “interpret” tests. If tests weren’t primarily mental health surveys, would such a caveat be necessary?

So, here are behavioral psychologists analyzing and scoring largely subjective assessments for “preferred” opinions. Now a liberal education establishment can determine just how much of its leftist message, embedded in curricula, is being “internalized” by pupils. If the answer is “not enough,” next year’s courses will be more aggressive.

Meanwhile, chronological history, even as boomers knew it, is now, well, history. Students no longer recognize key events, who the Framers were or what they debated. Health classes have been stripped of physiology. Science courses help ensure that our children waste more energy than they conserve on “green” projects. Then there’s victim theology, entitlement rhetoric and classrooms full of children dressed like hookers and pimps. Yesterday’s lax conduct has morphed into punching, shooting, cursing and raping.

But, hey, no ibuprofen tablets.

Republicans think that because a few Young Republican clubs are scattered around, conservatives will win out. Here’s a reality check: The “Star Trek Enterprise” series was canceled because just 2.8 million people watched. In 1958, 2.8 million folks doing anything made headlines. Today, it’s nothing. Do we even have 2.8 million Republicans on campuses?

I’d settle for just 20 conservative Republicans in Congress.