ZADZOOKS: Chemistry Set writer Dougan has lots of stories to tell

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Which comic-book characters would you like to work on? At the risk of sounding glib: my own. I don’t have a wish list of other people’s characters that I’d like to tackle. The only possible exception is Jonah Hex, and I’d also love to do a short Hellboy story or two.

Discuss Web comics versus printed comics: Web comics will thrive. [The Web] can’t be beat as a distribution vehicle, as a way for someone to build an audience. I don’t think anything will replace paper for the foreseeable future, though - it’s still the only true archival format, and the only one from which people have figured out how to make money.

What new projects are you involved in? I’m writing new stories (hopefully some more horror and Westerns) for the Chemistry Set and the ongoing adventures of Sam & Lilah (

Favorite image: Watching dolphins swim underwater is pretty cool.

Besides this interview, what’s the stupidest thing you ever did? I broke into the country home of one of my professors when studying abroad in Japan. It’s a long and actually pretty boring story, but I felt really stupid at the time.

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