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This prompts the notion of continuity and stability?

This warms the hearts of the organization’s long-suffering enablers?

The Redskins used to win the Super Bowl every offseason because of Snyder’s money.

Now they cannot even do that.

Then again, maybe Zorn is the next genius-in-waiting and merely needs this opportunity to show it.

That is why they play the games, after all.

Who would have thought at this time last year that Eli Manning would be a Super Bowl champion?

Zorn seems personable enough and inclined to deviate from the organization’s talking points.

He said he was as surprised as the radio call-in general managers by his emergence as a head coach candidate.

His friends and professional colleagues all insist he is one heck of a guy who devotes part of the year to helping the poor in Calcutta and lining up more African countries for Madonna and Angelina Jolie to adopt.

But that is what friends and colleagues are obligated to say, especially colleagues, who never know when they might need a pal to hire them.

Not that Zorn necessarily will have a job after next season, depending on how many games the Redskins win and how restless Cowher’s chin becomes.

Supporters of the racy pink and lacy mauve have three obligations next season — monitoring the on-the-job training of Zorn, the chin of Cowher and the body language of team mascot Tom Cruise.

This is what a painstakingly thorough, exhaustive and tedious coaching search can do for a franchise that embraces continuity and stability.