Skywalker family saga enters Lego universe

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Most important, a new online multiplayer option gives fans a chance to combine skills as they enter the game from around the world.

How would Lt. Frank Drebin fare?The incredible mix of powers granted characters are all activated with a very simple button scheme; just remember not to shoot fellow teammates in co-operative modes.

Cool character movements and attributes include Yoda’s flipping attacks, General Grievous’ spinning of four light sabers, Jango Fett’s duel pistol attack, Darth Vader’s ability to Force-strangle pesky Rebel troops, Count Dooku’s Sith lightning blasts and even R2-D2’s zapping of an enemy.

Parental blood-pressure meter: 120/80, normal. All of the violence is tongue-in-cheek, and all revolves around the disassembling of Lego blocks.

For example, characters do not die but explode into pieces and collectible studs when they have taken too much damage.

Read all about it? Dark Horse Comics publishes Star Wars sequential art on a monthly basis, including the titles Dark Times, Legacy and Rebellion (all $2.99 each). Younger readers will appreciate the “Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures” ($6.95) quarterly series, which offers a back-pocket-sized book of illustrated stories based on the Cartoon Network’s famed “Clone Wars” animated series.

What’s it worth? The Complete Saga provides nearly infinite gaming possibilities for the fan. Multiple generations can share their enjoyment of the world of “Star Wars,” and they do not even need to be sitting in the same room.

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A brief review of game titles that didn’t have time to get fully plugged in.

m Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (Sierra for PlayStation Portable, rated Teen, $39.99).

A second movie based on Dark Horse Comics’ sequential-art pairing of sci-fi horror icons is now a passable third-person action game for Sony’s hand-held system.

The player controls a well-equipped Predator who is sent to earth to perform major damage control on one of his species’ ships that has crashed.

That means eradicating any evidence of its existence. Unfortunately, Aliens were on the ship and also have infested the town and surroundings of Gunnison, Colo.

With a selection of weapons and technology that an Elder Predator would admire, including a shoulder canon, shuriken, wrist blades, a cloaking device and three levels of infrared vision, the hunt is on. The game mixes stealth moments with enough slashing and explosive action.

About 15 single-player missions combine with a couple of Alien hunting expeditions (including a wireless two-player version) to satisfy the fan of the movie franchise, but the overall events won’t impress the serious gamer.

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