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Which is not to say that the government wouldn’t create a situation where such a thing would happen,” he added. Exactly.

However, the Congressional Budget Office’s preliminary estimates of a draft of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee’s bill suggests millions would drop out of their private plans. “About 10 million people would choose to obtain coverage through [government created health insurance] exchanges rather than their employer because the subsidy they receive under the legislation makes insurance from an exchange cheaper,” says a report on CBO’s findings from the Senate Budget Committee’s Republican staff.

“Another 10 million people would have no option but to obtain coverage through exchanges because their employers would not offer it,” the staff report said.

The White House and the Democrats will deny it, of course, but critics say this is their one of their devious goals: to replace for-profit private health insurance with a taxpayer-financed government-run system. If you listen carefully to what the Democrats are putting together on Capitol Hill, that is exactly what they hope to eventually accomplish.

Donald Lambro is chief political correspondent of The Washington Times.