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Cushing said he was told after he failed the test that HCG can get in your body by injection or because of tumors. McNair said on the first day of training camp that the Texans’ main concern is for Cushing’s health, and McNair said the linebacker has undergone every test the team has asked him to take.

“He has cooperated with us 100 percent,” McNair said. “We’ve satisfied ourselves that there are no health issues, and also that there was no evidence at all that he’s done anything at all that was not proper.”

Cushing wasn’t optimistic that Goodell will reduce his suspension.

“I’ve got 12 games I’ve got to get ready for,” he said. “Whatever decision is made, I’ve got to respect the decision of the commissioner.

“I’m staying open-minded today, but I’m not getting my hopes up,” he said. “It’s been an up-and-down couple of months, where I haven’t been really sure what to expect with anything.”

Cushing didn’t see any purpose in traveling with McNair to meet with Goodell in person.

“I have to be here for the team right now,” he said. “This is out of my hands, with the data and the evidence that we have. There’s nothing I’m going to say or prove that’s going to help turn anything over.”