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The proposed new regulations also backed away from earlier plans to extend control over the mobile phone industry.

Republicans had warned the FCC and the administration not to move forward with new regulatory efforts before the new Congress is seated in January, but Mr. Genachowski defended the timing.

“Moving this item to a vote is not designed to preclude action by Congress,” he said.

There’s no guarantee the five-member FCC board will approve the changes, despite the Democrats’ current 3-to-2 edge. Democrats on the commission have traditionally been strong supporters of the net neutrality concept and may view the new proposal as too much of a compromise.

In another move that federal regulators said would make the Internet more consumer-friendly, the Federal Trade Commission announced a plan to create the online equivalent of the “Do Not Call” list.

The proposal, also announced Wednesday, would allow consumers to control how and whether companies can track their online activities.