- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beauty, the proverb says, is only skin deep, and regardless of her age, a woman wants to take care of her surface beauty, as well as her spirit, that elusive beauty that comes from within. Here are a few ideas to bolster the “skin-deep” beauty and the spirit of the women in your life this holiday season.

Please bead mine

As lovely and sparkling as the garland on the Christmas tree, give any lady in your life the artisan boutique beading of designer Liz Stechschulte and GemCandy Studio.

Using the most beautiful of crystal, onyx and natural stone beads along with pearls and silver and onyx spacers, GemCandy beads (various prices) are as beautiful as the woman who wears them. Particularly lovely are Liz’s beaded eyeglass chains, which take something we need and turns it into a simply elegant work of art.

Designs include beautiful seed pearls with onyx and silver dividers and Swarovski crystals in jeweled palettes of blues, greens, and lavender.

Keeping that glow

The ANSR: Beam ($149) enters the skin care therapy market with a palm-sized device that emanates light waves that penetrate the skin. Five minutes once a day can bring you closer to the skin texture and appearance you want. Testing the unit, it is easy to use and smoother skin results were achieved instantly.

Red-light wavelengths stimulate collagen, encouraging the growth of new, healthier skin, reducing redness and filling in fine lines, returning a radiant, smooth complexion.

Blue-light wavelengths kill acne-causing bacteria by causing free-radical damage to the bacteria, helping to control and reduce blemish outbreaks in just weeks.

Sensual Indulgence

Create a memorable holiday with Giorgio Armani. Acqua di Gioia by Armani ($61 for 1.7 oz.) will envelop her in a mist of crushed mint leaves and lemon Limone Primo Fiore Femminello from Calabira, Italy. It merges a fresh citrus sent with rose, peony, pink pepper, jasmine and cedar, thus creating a scent that evokes the sensuousness of a warm summer day and the cooling smells of the lush forest floor.

The perfume’s flacon is clear and comfortable to hold, bringing forth images of a perfect, bright blue drop of the Mediterranean Sea.

Helping her put her best face forward is Armani’s Crema Nera Obsidian Mineral High Recovery Elixir ($150). This serum is designed to correct the texture of her skin, making it smooth, firm and radiant, while repairing damage from ultraviolet-light-induced imperfections and natural aging.

It is the ultimate in indulgence and its nighttime use should be followed up during the day with the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($59), designed to capture the glow of her Crema Nera radiant skin, this foundation smoothes out skin tones, is oil free and the product’s hydrating fluid glides leaving a silken texture for all-day coverage.

Nightcaps for grown-up girls

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