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The Icon iDO digital output interface and headphone amplifier from NuForce, $249 improves even the best sound. (Image provided by

Gadgets & Gizmos Gift Guide

It’s a given that the holidays mean different things to different people: family gatherings, memories of days gone by, hopes for the future and perhaps all of these. One element held in common — at least for many of us — is the desire to enjoy music and video entertainment at home and while traveling.

From left; Boba Fett Electronic Helmet, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Batman Beyond: The Complete Series, Woody and Scarlet Witch Comiquette

Zadzooks: Gift guide for pop culture fans

- The Washington Times

Recommended gift ideas include Hasbro’s Boba Fett Electronic Helmet, Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country Returns, Warner Home Video’s Batman Beyond: The Complete Series and Sideshow Collectibles’ Scarlet Witch Comiquette

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Roots of Glover’s 2nd Amendment interpretation lie in eccentric historical claims of 9/11 truther

- The Washington Times

Speaking to students Thursday at Texas A&M, Danny Glover left his young Aggie hosts little reason to suspect that his confident dissent from mainstream scholarly understanding of the "genesis" of the Second Amendment might be founded on nothing more than an article by a talk radio host and 9/11 "truther" posted within the previous two days at a left-wing website proudly specializing in provocation. But such now appears to be the case.

2009 Holiday Gift Guide - Hottest toys

A gift guide to the best toys for 2009 including Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank, Little Superstar Jammin' Band Musical Microphone and a Spock teddy bear.